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We come from the business side of the story.

For the past 8 years, our team lead the growth of several fast growing Ecommerce & software businesses.

Internal data has shown the big gap in the buyer journey.

Only 2/10 people who came to a checkout page, actually bought something at the end.

Quest for a solution that could bridge this gap ended with massive back-n-forths in custom development.

We mapped the grand problem of Ecommerce.

With conversions going down industry-wide, there was a burning need for a holistic* conversion app.

Ecommerce businesses end in failure after 120 days, on average. Due to conversion problems & rising costs.

Our mission ━ helping 1M businesses grow healthy.

Within iCheckout, we combine the obsessive focus on end-user's utilities with latest technology.

With one goal ━ making profits higher, by increasing both conversion rate and order values.


iCheckout is recognized as innovative by EU's Regional Development Fund.

We're beyond excited to announce that our company is recognized by Europe's most reputable startup organization.