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Discounts work. Period!

Increasing the lifetime value(LTV) of your customers is one of the golden rules of business.

And using discounts on your store is undoubtedly one of the ways to do that.

Providing discounts, coupon codes, credits not just increases your sales but also improves customer loyalty and retention.

In case you didn’t know, about 93% of customers use a discount or coupon code throughout the year while shopping.

That’s the reason why it’s obvious to implement WooCommerce discount plugins on your store today.

Also, you should know that digital gift vouchers generated $698.2 billion worth of additional revenue in 2020. 

And this number is growing at 10% year on year.

If this is not enough reason to implement discounts on your store, I don’t know what could be.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best WooCommerce discount plugins that you can use in your online store to increase your sales.

Let’s begin!

1. iCheckout

iCheckout is a WooCommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) plugin that automates your conversion operations while giving you the flexibility to focus on the thing that matters most – strategy.

One of the greatest features that iCheckout offers is its automatic discounts which makes it one of the WooCommerce discount plugins.

With iCheckout’s automatic discounts coupons are automatically added to the products and calculated in the checkout.

All this helps customers purchase quickly without wasting their time filling in the coupon code.

I guess you’re thinking: “Why would I give everyone that coupon code?”

Well, in case you don’t know 60% of customers will leave your store to find a coupon code, and in case they don’t find it, they won’t buy.

Why would you make that more challenging for them and miss them to purchase when you can provide them with an automatic discount and increase your conversions and average order value?

Using iCheckout’s smart logic you can create a different kind of discounts such as:

  • Buy X get Y – so you can create smart upsell logic with discounts and increase your customers’ average order value
  • Percentage discount – where you can set your discounts based on different criteria, whether on products quantity, cart amount, for the entire order, or even specific products
  • Fixed amount discounts – based on different criteria and signals
  • Free shipping discounts – which you can set as you wish and use to apply for specific criteria.

You’re able to set the discount’s start and end date, so you don’t have to stop it or delete it manually – everything is automated.

Using its cart recovery option, you can create cart recovery email sequences and send all the purchase & cart-related data, such as cart recovery discount emails, to help you create the best cart recovery sequence for your business and convert as many customers as possible.

iCheckout increases your total revenue up to +21% using frictionless payment options, cart recovery option, and automatic discounts.

By redefining the purchasing experience, iCheckout managed to cut down the purchase completion time from the industry standard of 65 seconds to a whopping 19 seconds while increasing the average order value by 66%!


iCheckout’s MVP will soon be live, and beta testers who signed up on the waitlist are already using and testing it.

2. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing

The WISDM Customer Specific Pricing is one of the most used dynamic pricing and WooCommerce discounts plugins.

Using this extension, you can set custom prices and discounts for different user roles, customers, and groups of people. This helps you track conversion, sales, and profitability faster.

It also allows you to create a personalized shopping page including specific products on it. You can use these pages and display them to your preferred customers in order to make them feel special.

Using this WooCommerce discount plugin you can create offers such as: 

  • Quantity product discounts, 
  • Product category discounts, 
  • Cart volume discounts, 
  • Pricing tiers, etc. 

This lets you improve your customer’s loyalty, retention, and sales.

But, what’s best about this extension is its API functionality.

You can add, update or delete pricing and discounting rules or data from 3rd party apps, ERP’s, etc., to improve your customers’ user experience.


  • Set individual prices for each customer and create a personalized shopping experience.
  • Offer role-based discounts for retailers, customers, etc. to increase their loyalty.
  • Use plugins API to change prices using 3rd-party apps and improve customer experience.
  • Create various pricing rules for product categories or subcategories to increase sales.
  • Save time and effort by offering personalized discounts to different sets of customers.
  • Provide bulk discounts and encourage bulk purchases using several pricing slabs.
  • Encourage purchases with cart discounts for New, Existing, and Guest users.


1. Super easy & user-friendly to set up and use.

2. Allows you to create a personalized shop page for customers to make it simple for them to purchase.

3. Suitable for businesses and solopreneurs looking for quick and easy-to-use features.

4. Allows you to easily manage pricing from 3rd party apps using plugins API.


$80 – Single site Annual License

$120 – 5 site Annual License

$160 – 10 site Annual License

3. Easy WooCommerce Discounts Pro

If you are looking for a tool to set up conditional pricing on your store, this plugin could be handy.

You can create discounts at product and cart levels. 

This WooCommerce discount plugin helps you set up prices specific to individuals, groups, etc., and configure buy-one-get-one offers.

You can also set up discounts based on category, order total, quantity, etc. 

It also helps you display pricing tables and a countdown timer to encourage customers to make a purchase.

This plugin is an easy choice for WooCommerce discounts.


  • Apply diverse discounts on your WooCommerce store at product and cart levels.
  • Automatically apply discounts on the customer’s cart rather than the need for adding coupon codes. 
  • Display pricing tables at custom locations on the product page.
  • Apply dynamic pricing on shipping methods. 
  • Option to notify customers regarding available offers when a product with a discount is added to the cart.
  • Options to customize the product display to individual customers with the help of shortcodes.


Fundamentally, you can set up specific pricing across your entire store or only to specific products or variations.

A single site license of this plugin has a regular price of $60 and a sale price of $30.

4. ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is one of the most useful WooCommerce discount plugins at the moment.

It helps you create prices and discounts at multiple levels in your store. 

You can apply dynamic discounts at the product, category, cart levels, and even by combining all these levels.

You will be able to apply discounts as a percentage value or a flat rate. 

It even allows you to create a fixed rate dynamically for your products based on the rules you define.

More importantly, the plugin ensures that the discounts never exceed the threshold value that you set.

This plugin offers a simple and intuitive user interface to help you set up complex discount rules effortlessly.

Displaying offers to customers properly is an essential aspect of implementing pricing deals.

ELEX Dynamic Pricing plugin helps you by offering an option to display the pricing table and offers table on the product page. 

You can also offer buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals and provide specific discounts to customers based on customer profile or order history. 

The plugin also helps you configure cart rule discounts based on the shipping and payment gateway or product attributes. 

You can check this detailed review of the ELEX Dynamic Pricing plugin to understand various use cases.


  • Set up diverse discount types on your WooCommerce store.
  • Apply discount rules to products, product combinations, categories, or carts.
  • Configure buy one get one offer and automatically add to the cart.
  • Display a pricing table that will indicate the quantity-based tiered pricing.
  • Display all available offers on the product page.
  • Create restrictions to all discount rules based on user roles and purchase history.
  • Configure a maximum limit for discounts so that it won’t affect your profitability.


$79 – Single site license

$119 – 5-site license

$199 – 25-site license

5. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Not to be confused with Smart Coupons by WooCommerce, this plugin was developed by WebToffee. 

It brings significantly more functionality to the inbuilt WooCommerce coupon code feature. This includes several handy features, such as:

  • The ability to generate bulk coupons
  • Set coupon restrictions with various checkout options
  • Sell gift coupons that customers can email to the recipient. They can then redeem the coupons in your online store
  • Ability to offer buyers the option of purchasing store credit for use by themselves or gifted to others
  • Flexible options to set the combination of coupons that can be applied to a purchase
  • A beneficial facility to import coupons in CSV files

This plugin boasts a 4.7/5.0 star rating in the WordPress directory, with over 9,000 downloads are currently in operation. 


$69 – Single site Annual license

$199 – 25-site Annual license

Those prices include one year of updates and ticketed support, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee included.

6. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

The Discount Rules for WooCommerce is one of a kind plugin developed by FlyCart. It comes with tons of features and over 20+ variations for discounts. 

These variations can be applied based on Product Categories, User Roles, Product Quantities, Customer-specific, etc.

Using these, you can increase your customer acquisition rate and online revenues significantly.

With this lightweight plugin and its superb interface, you can easily design discounting rules like:

The BOGO deals, Cart-based discounts, Percentage discounts, Coupon-based discounts, etc.

These rules can lead to quick customer conversion. Apart from this, it also comes with an extraordinary support team that can help you out with the setup process.


  • Display discount table on product pages and modify it to suit the look and feel of your website
  • Offer store-wide discounts to save time and effort.
  • Attach ‘On Sale’ badges on discounted products to improve user experience
  • Apply discounting techniques based on Fixed costs, Product attributes, Combos, etc.


1. Allows you to set conditional/dependent product discounts.

2. Excellent support team available at all times.

3. Detailed Documentation available.

4. Suitable for all levels of businesses. 


Free Version Available

$49 – Single site Annual License

$69 – 5 sites Annual License

$99 – 25 sites Annual License

7. WooCommerce Bulk Discount

Woocommerce Bulk Discount app helps you create WooCommerce discounts based on the number of items the user has planned to purchase. 

If a customer orders more than, let’s say 10 items, you can fix a percentage of discount that can be availed. 

You can also deduct a specific monetary value from the total based on the order quantities.

Discounts can be applied to products both individually and globally. You can set discounts by percentage, flat rates off, or fixed discounts.

Discounts can be displayed at various locations like the checkout page, invoices, and more.

Coupon-based bulk discounts can also be configured if required.

Though the plugin comes with good functionality, the last update for the plugin was made 2 years ago. 

If you are trying to offer simple bulk discounts in your WooCommerce store, this plugin will be a good start.

8. Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce

You can apply diverse, dynamic pricing conditions to your WooCommerce store with the help of this plugin.

There are different types of discounts that you can use while setting up different rules. 

Moreover, you can restrict the configured discounts based on individual customers, user roles, and even on their purchase history.

The plugin also has options to display pricing tables for quantity-specific discounts.

You can set up different types of discounts on your WooCommerce store using this plugin.


  • Configure fixed price discounts or percentage discounts on your WooCommerce store. 
  • Offer discounts based on the price of the product, cart total, or quantity.
  • Set up buy one get one offer.
  • Offer specific products as gifts during a purchase.
  • Restrict discounts based on user roles. 
  • Set a limit for the number of times a customer can apply a discount rule.
  • Selectively apply discounts to specific products, or apply to all products.
  • Display different discounts and descriptions using shortcodes.
  • Specify different conditions and time limits for the discounts to be applied.

There are also options to display sales badges and countdown timers to let the customers know about ongoing discounts.  


A single site license with one year update will cost you  $29, and for lifetime updates, it will cost you $39.

9. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

This popular plugin, developed by RightPress, lets you set up complex pricing rules instantly.

It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of discounting rules and conditions.

This, in turn, gives you opportunities to create unique pricing combinations. 

And, in doing so, you can develop an effective marketing strategy to boost your revenues.

The plugin also enables you to apply multiple conditional logic. It includes – Purchase history, Product categories, Products in the cart, Quantity pricing, Tier pricing, etc. And, the best part – combine them in any way you like for different sets of customers.

Plus, there’s detailed documentation available to get you started ASAP.


  • Apply dozens of conditions to set pricing rules for a specific variation or entire shop to push sales
  • Allot cart discounts based on customer details, past purchases, etc. to influence a buyer
  • Create discounting rules for products/categories based on Customers, User Roles, and Groups
  • Choose Fixed/Percentage pricing rules for customers based on your choice
  • Create unlimited pricing scenarios with Bulk pricing, Tiered pricing, product combinations, etc.


1. Let’s you create as many pricing & discounting combinations.

2. Easy to set up and use.

3. Suitable for beginners.

4. The extension is pocket-friendly.


$79.25 – Annual Regular License

$333 – Annual Extended License

10. Wheel for WooCommerce

Engage customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spinning a fortune wheel.

Then issue a unique WooCommerce coupon code, display coupons immediately, or send them by mail. 

Coupons may be time-restricted with a timer countdown to encourage engagement, collect data (email, first name, last name), subscribe customers to MailChimp lists, and much more.

Coupon Wheel provides the most advanced gamification popup coupon solution for WooCommerce and WordPress. It’s also lightweight with a zipped plugin package size of less than 299KB.


  • 12 customizable slices—Customize slice label and coupon code for each slice
  • 100% Server-side controlled—Precisely set which coupons and how many you wish to issue
  • Connect with services—Add new subscribers directly to a MailChimp list
  • Popup Preview mode—To test the Coupon Wheel thoroughly and not disrupt a website before going Live
  • Advanced Anti-Cheat Engine—Set spin limiter based on email, cookies, or IP, ReCAPTCHA support. Every spin is logged
  • Performance-oriented—Coupon Wheel is highly compatible with page caching / minifying plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize, and more
  • Popup display options—Exit-intent trigger and Timed trigger. Also, text color customization and 250+ beautiful popup gradient backgrounds to choose from
  • Unlimited Wheels—Make, clone, display any number of Coupon Wheels
  • Mobile and Desktop friendly—Tested and designed to work flawlessly with all major browsers and devices
  • Page Filtering—If you want to display Coupon Wheel only on specific pages such as a landing page

11. YITH Deals for WooCommerce

YITH Deals for WooCommerce is a great WooCommerce discount deals plugin to offer marketing deals and discount pricing on your WooCommerce website.


  • You can create unlimited offers to show on the checkout page based on a set of conditions associated with the offer.
  • You can display the offers on the checkout page in three different ways. You can display it at the end of the checkout, or you can show the offer using a popup or can show it using a full-screen popup.
  • You can set restrictions on the offers, like on which condition the offer should be displayed to the customers. You can set these restrictions based on product category, location, price, product, tag, roles, and users.
  • You can choose the type of discount you want to apply, whether it would be a percentage discount, price discount, or fixed product price.
  • You can set the duration of when the offer should be displayed (Start and End date).


  • When it comes to YITH, you can always rely on their fast and responsive support team.
  • You have an option to show another offer if they reject an offer. 
  • This will surely encourage your users to choose an offer that eventually increases the average value of each order.
  • Very easy to set up and use.


$69.99 – single site

$179.99 – 6 sites

$299.99 – 30 sites (short time deal $179.99)

12. Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

WooCommerce Advanced Coupons is an advanced WooCommerce discount code and coupon plugin that has been designed primarily for WooCommerce store owners.

It lets you run great new types of coupon discount promotions that cannot be done with standard coupons in WooCommerce.


  • URL coupons: You could create and send URLs to apply coupons. This is great to use in email campaigns, social media support, etc.
  • The coupons could be automatically added when certain cart conditions are matched.
  • You can give coupons that automatically add products to the cart either for free or with a special discount.
  • You can create BOGO offers with either a single product or group of products. You can also create BOGO offers for a particular product category.
  • They have a coupon notification feature that you can use to notify your customers if you have a special offer you’d like to tell your customers.


  • It has all the advanced features which most plugins do not offer. It allows you to create complex cart conditions to check before applying coupon codes.
  • If you are offering many offers at your store, you’ll love the flexibility that the plugin gives you.


They don’t offer a free trial, but here’s the pricing:

$79 – single site (short-time deal $39.50/year)

$149 – for unlimited sites (short-time deal $74.50/year)


There is a bunch of free and paid WooCommerce discount plugins that you could implement in your store.

What you should take care of is how all these plugins are affecting your store functionality.

It’s good to have great options on-site, but everything is worthless if your site is too slow.

For this reason, make sure to implement the lowest number of plugins possible if you want to provide a great user experience and not drive away your customers.

That’s why we created iCheckout – a tool that replaces 3-7 plugins on your store while increasing conversions and optimizing your checkout process.

And what’s most important is that it’s not slowing down your website.

We believe that customers shouldn’t waste time filling in details that can be automatically filled. 

That’s why we implemented iCheckout’s smart fields – fields that are automatically ticked and pre-selected.


85% of online purchases are made using mobiles. 

That’s why all customer interactions in iCheckout are masterfully crafted with a mobile-first approach – to provide the smoothest checkout experience of all time

With thousands of eCommerce elites, we’ve built the ultimate checkout process that redefines the purchasing experience while keeping it secure, easy, and seamless. 

iCheckout helps you leverage the power of social proof and reviews at every step of the checkout process and increase your revenue by 21% through automatic discounts, and the smartest upsells you have ever seen.

Using iCheckout on your store, customers shouldn’t spend more than 25 seconds on the checkout page.

You are two clicks away from setting up the CRO tool that will skyrocket your business – literally.

Things like these shouldn’t be hardcoded, and we are here to help you save time and focus on one thing that truly matters – scaling.

If you’re ready to minimize checkout abandonment rate and skyrocket your eCommerce performances and increase your revenue, you know what to do.

Join the waitlist and be among the first to start using iCheckout when it gets live!

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